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Million Dollar Deals – The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – Tried To Make Money Online Surfing? There’s A Much Better Way To Earn Cash And Make Money Online Fast!

Million Dollar Deals – The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – Tried To Make Money Online Surfing? There’s A Much Better Way To Earn Cash And Make Money Online Fast!

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WorldVentures Continues International Expansion with 21st Country, Zimbabwe

Plano, TX (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

As part of its continued expansion into international markets, Dallas-based WorldVentures announced its DreamTrips Memberships and business opportunity are now available in Zimbabwe. This new launch marks WorldVentures? 20th market outside the United States and fourth in Africa.

Already popular in neighboring South Africa and Botswana, the DreamTrips product gives Zimbabweans the chance to take world-class holidays at incredible values. In addition, WorldVentures brings a comparatively low-cost entrepreneurial opportunity to the struggling, but resilient Zimbabwean economy. Individuals can take charge of their financial situation, develop teams of Representatives working toward a common goal, and achieve more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives.

?When you see how eager the people of Zimbabwe are for opportunity and self-improvement, it?s hard to imagine another course of action,? says WorldVentures Vice President of International Kyle Lowe. ?We look forward to seeing tangible growth in a corner of the world that really needs it.?

Although rich in natural resources, Zimbabwe lacks the stability to allow for sustained capitalization of these resources. The introduction of a home-based business opportunity based on word-of-mouth marketing could be a tremendous boon to a population that suffers from an estimated unemployment and underemployment rate as high as 95 percent (as of 2009, according to the CIA?s World Factbook).

?Since WorldVentures opened in Kenya, South Africa and Botswana in 2009, we?ve received feedback from many DreamTrips Members and WorldVentures Representatives in the region who credit the company and its product for helping them to achieve their goals, whether it?s taking a holiday for the first time or earning extra money to better their family?s quality of life,? Lowe says. ?As we become established in Zimbabwe in the coming months, we hope to begin hearing the same types of life-changing stories and seeing Representatives achieve success through WorldVentures.?

About WorldVentures:

WorldVentures is a lifestyle company on a mission to help people achieve more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives. Combining the power of the Internet with the strength of the direct-selling industry to market its DreamTrips Memberships, WorldVentures is a leader in leisure travel. WorldVentures is a privately held company based in Plano, Texas, with active Representatives and members in 21 countries.

For inquiries, contact:

Laura Wards or Whitney Allen

Email: press(at)worldventures(dot)com

# # #

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How to Start a Startup is Focus of New Book From Expert Marketing Superguru Perry Belcher

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

Expert marketing superguru Perry Belcher has released a series of new books about how to start a startup, including turn-key businesses that most people in the USA – and even outside of the USA – could start with very low cost up front. Mr. Belcher is well qualified to give advice in this area, as he has started many businesses himself including over 100 million dollars of personal sales, as well as consulting for large corporations and small businesses who have done billions of dollars of sales with his help.

The question “why start a business?” may be the first one a prospective entrepreneur asks. There are clear benefits to owning your own business. Imagine setting your own work hours, not having a boss, and having unlimited earnings potential! Starting a business often allows people to have more time with their family because they can work from home in some cases, and set their own schedule to coincide with those of family members. Examples are many, including hot dog carts, home day care business, importing from China, and many more.

Perry Belcher explains easy and lucrative business ideas that an average person can implement in many cases, if you follow his expert instructions on the business idea and on his advice on how to run a business. The path of the entrepreneur is a lifelong path, but it has to start somewhere, and Mr. Belcher brings several decades of startup experience and his own accomplishments of billions of dollars of sales to the table for the reader to benefit from.

Consultants of Perry Belcher’s caliber are rare and usually expensive, but for the price of a book the reader can learn from a marketing superguru, given Mr. Belcher’s highly successful marketing career. The book “How To Start A Startup” is an opportunity to learn directly from expert marketer Perry Belcher, and Mr. Belcher explains the ideas in detail and also gives practical business advice in how to run a business and what is needed to set up a business.

The economy in the USA is showing no real signs of improvement right now, and a home business opportunity may be the best fit for many people currently facing unemployment lines or wanting to increase their income. A “shoestring startup” refers to a business that can be started with little or no startup capital, and which can be done with a quick implementation time and a small learning curve, thus making the business opportunity available to the average person who is wondering how to start a startup or how to start a business.

For the best home-based businesses and expert advice,”How To Start A Startup” by Perry Belcher is available at

About Shoestring Startups

Shoestring Startups is the premier online publisher of “extra income opportunities” that anyone…no matter their experience…can use to earn an additional $ 500 – $ 6000 per month. Unlike 99% of the so-called “opportunities” that promise to make you millions overnight, their mission is to show you legitimate methods to earn a little extra income in a short period of time.

They don’t promise to make you a millionaire…but they do promise to show you REAL strategies for earning extra cash that don’t involve any special skills or a massive learning curve.


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