Make Money With Stumbleupon

The internet is an enormous market for the entire globe, as well as a place for sharing without bounds. One of the most useful tools of our generation, the world wide web has grown to be involved in every facet of the daily lives of most people. Web sites and services have popped up across the board looking to help people be more acquainted with the problems the internet can solve for them, as well as introducing to the world what the internet has to interest them. One such website,, is using a system based on machine learning and user feedback to ensure that the portion of the web its users experience is precisely what they’re looking for. You can also use stumble upon to market your website and get thousands of visitors.

Stumble upon begins their process of connecting users with sites that interest them or help them advance during the account creation process. Aside from the salient data needed to create any online account, such as user name, password, and alternate email address, stumble upon has incorporated a concise list of interests and hobbies from which the account user selects any number of topics that may interest them. These categories are somewhat vague in the beginning, such as “Art”, “Travel”, and “Religion”. Naturally, any user who is interested in “art” may not be interested in sculpture. However, a filter as all-encompassing as “art” would seem to allow these undesirable articles to be selected for any user who selects the category. Stumble upon deals with this issue through the use of their software.

When one creates a stumble upon account, a toolbar is installed at the top of the user’s internet browser. This toolbar has options such as sharing with other stumble upon users, liking and disliking the web pages generated, and, most importantly, the stumble button. The stumble button, when clicked, navigates to a web site determined by other users to be relevant to the stumbler’s same interests. For example, everyone who selected an interest in “technology” liked this article or web site, and it therefore continues to be selected from stumble upon’s archive of site liked by those with similar interests. Stumble upon also includes a feature which allows any user to browse sites liked by other users on their friends lists. This feature opens the door to each user’s curiosity. For example, a user might not have selected “animals” as one of their interests, but may find the articles liked by a friend who receives stumbles from this category to be relevant to their personal interests.

Stumble upon’s revolutionary technology has been successful in reaching a massive online audience of subscribers, and thousands of people worldwide are subscribed currently. The internet is an extremely quickly developing medium of information sharing, and for any one user, it’s easy to be overloaded with information when using search engines or subscribing to blogging sites. Stumble upon helps to remove the risk of information overload, not only by providing a random article or web page relevant to one’s interests at the click of a button, but also by filtering those pages based on criterion such as age-appropriateness (every web site is categorized as 18+ where necessary), as well as criticism by like-minded people with the same interests who have viewed the same article or page. Stumble upon is a valuable tool to many internet users, and has the potential to open up the internet to thousands more by providing a safe way to browse the internet and learn everything there is to know about one’s interests.