Make Money With Web2.0

Today the web is exploding with Web 2.0 sites, but what is a Web 2.0 site and how can you use it to increase traffic? Web 2.0 refers to a type of site that allows users to generate and collaborate content in a virtual social community. Web 2.0 turned the web from screens of text and graphics into an online web platform. There are many different examples of Web 2.0 such as blogs, video sites, and wikis. Many of these sites are free to use and can give you the power to connect to your audience by allowing them access to the tools that create and share. Technologies like JavaScript, Flash, and Ajax allow a site to update continually without being refreshed. The bottom line is web 2.0 can generate you more traffic by attracting a community that will generate content for you therefore increasing the value of your site.

However, you don’t have to create your own Web 2.0 site to take advantage of these online platforms. Using online platforms such as Twitter can help a company engage with their audience. You can have a two way conversation showing everyone your concern and possibly help anyone with a similar question or problem. You can just use email, but it’s a closed conversation and users often don’t feel like email will necessarily be replied to. Twitter is also helpful as a location to share exciting updates. Essentially, taking advantage of free online communities can help your marketing and the reputation of your online company. Twitter is just one of many free online web 2.0 sites you can take advantage of. Reddit or Digg are news sites that can be up or down voted and can be used to feature articles of interest on your site. Including options to share stories or vote up a page on your site is one method to explode traffic on your site. If a story becomes especially viral, your web site might get so much traffic that your servers may be overloaded with requests. It happens all the time so be sure to plan for such an occasion to satisfy the masses.

Using web 2.0 sites for marketing can increase your page ranking on Google and give you more page views through web searches. Although the Google formula for page ranking is secret only known to the Google engineers, it is easy to see that the more sites that the Google bots scan with links to your site is just one of the factors of that formula. If you use YouTube, you can have users who “Like” your video sharing that information with all their friends. Like the previous example with news sites, your sites can go viral and snowball in traffic if users are “liking” your content. FaceBook also has a famous “Like” feature that can skyrocket the traffic to your site. With everyone linking to your site, you page rank on Google will increase swiftly therefore giving you more traffic through web searches.

The simple fact is the web 2.0 nature of the internet is here and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, then you’ll be missing out on many page views. You could have the best site in the world with great design and perfect engineering but if no one knows it exists, you’ll still get no page views. Using web 2.0 is a free viral method of increasing traffic. Your imagination and creativity is the limit to what you can achieve in terms of traffic and methods to let your brand be known. Start on many of the well populated web 2.0 sites by interacting with the communities to bridge the gap to your site and watch the traffic start to naturally build.