Make Money With Yahoo Answers

For several years now, Yahoo Answers has arguably become the most popular and most used feature of Yahoo. Each month, Yahoo Answers yields over 60 million visitors, many of which are individuals looking for answers and since the site is so popular, most of the time, they will get their answer. It is also an often overlooked source of opportunity for webmasters that look for ways to attract visitors to their websites and blogs.

Similar to the situation with Youtube, it is very common to query the Google search engine for a specific term of interest and there is at least one question from Yahoo Answers in the mix on the first page of the search results. Furthermore, when one of these questions from Yahoo Answers is accessed, it is common to find at least one web address in the answer to the question asked. That is because the advertiser knows two things. First, the advertiser knows that somebody looking for this subject on Google might very well encounter this question on Yahoo Answers, so by posting a related link as an answer to the question, it is a safe bet that the link will generate traffic for the webmaster’s site because of the power of Yahoo Answers and its rank on the World Wide Web. Second, it is a known fact among webmasters that Google rewards websites that are associated with stronger websites (like Youtube, Yahoo Answers, Twitter, Facebook, torrent sites, popular message boards, and the list goes on). Therefore, by posting a web link on Yahoo Answers, the webmaster is essentially double-dipping in the traffic opportunity by getting clicks through visitors that read the question and associating their website with Yahoo Answers, which could work towards improving their ranking in Google search results.

It has been proven that this strategy works towards generating traffic, however, it also has to be done the right way, just like anything else. That said, merely posting a link as an answer to the question does not get the job done as well as it would if the link is used as a source to backup a typed answer. Furthermore, every question posted on Yahoo Answers features the “Top Answer” which is chosen by the Yahoo Answers community and since the top answer will ultimately appear at the top of the page, spending time and effort towards writing a good response to the question will yield better results. Yahoo also works on a points-based system and when somebody accumulates a certain amount of points, they are rewarded with the “Top Contributor” label. Top contributors stand out to readers and are more likely to reap the benefits of the reader’s bias when they are going through answers.

Finally, it is important to know how to find questions that need answers because those are the windows of opportunity for the webmaster. By using the search feature and filtering by Open Answers, the webmaster can single out all active questions that are related to the niche of their website. Towards the purpose of generating traffic, it is also advisable to answering and posting links to questions that are not only active, but relatively new. Often times, questions are asked on Yahoo Answers that are overlooked and do not get an answer. Such questions are the greatest traffic opportunity at all because with a limited number of answers to the question, being the only (or one of the only) people to answer the question means that there is a strong likelihood of the answer being chosen as “Top Answer” and even if it is not, the answer will still be shown directly underneath the original question and will most likely get the visitor’s attention.