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Writing Articles To Pull Traffic

Writing articles for traffic is something everyone wants to do. After all, traffic is arguably the most important metric for any web site. The first thing to be understood about writing articles for traffic is that it is very different from writing any plain article. The writer must consistently keep in mind the end goal: to obtain more traffic. There are many tips and tricks that writers can utilize to do this, but they must always keep in mind that they are aiming for improved traffic. There are a large number of things one can do to improve traffic to the site. If you follow these steps, than you can increase traffic to your site.


The writer should start from the outset with the goal of traffic in mind. What subjects will generate traffic? In other words, what are people likely to be searching for? Choose a subject that people will be looking for online, and you will already be at an advantage when it comes to obtaining traffic. Secondly, construct a headline that people will be likely to click on. It may be something useful to people’s daily lives, suggesting a solution to a problem that plagues many people. People who want to solve this problem will click on your article. People commonly search the internet to solve their problems, and your article can be there to help them. Alternatively, the headline may be outrageous and sensational, prompting people to click on your article because they are so interested by the headline. This is a technique used by many professional news organizations. In fact, many organizations employ headline writers specifically to create the most click-worthy, or ‘viral’ headlines possible. Keep in mind that human beings are attracted to the outrageous, the salacious, and the ridiculous. What kind of headlines spread successfully on social media like facebook, twitter, and reddit? These are the kind of headlines you should write.


When writing the article, remember to use easily understandable language, and don’t be afraid to throw in many terms that audiences may be searching for. This will make them more likely to find your article when they do search for things of interest to them. Link to other articles on your website, or to sites that you think will link back to you. This encourages traffic to be spread around. Don’t waste unnecessary amounts of time writing your article, you will maximize traffic if you can generate more articles in the same amount of time. Break your article up into easily readable paragraphs, or, if you are writing a how-to, break it up into steps. People are more likely to click on and read things that they can easily understand.


Another important thing to remember is to choose content that people will like. Human beings are visual creatures, so consider adding pictures to your article. People also have short attention spans; so don’t make the article too long or wordy. Most importantly, however, write something interesting. If you write the kind of article that you would search for or click on, then most likely others will do the same. Don’t forget that you can improve over time by studying what sort of articles generate the most traffic. Use analytics to discover what articles on your site are driving the most traffic, then consider writing more of those sorts of articles. There are many tools available which will allow you to study what is being clicked on on your site. Use these tools to your advantage, and construct articles that you know your audience will love. Many professional sites do exactly this, studying how their audience behaves in order to better serve them.


Writing A Good Article

Nothing is more frustrating than putting hours into an article only to have nobody read it. In order to avoid this, it is crucial to think about the ways that traffic pulling articles differ from articles that sit unread. Writing a traffic pulling article is a challenge, but can be accomplished with attention to three keys. First, it is important that the article be timely. Second, the article must add value. Lastly, search engine optimization (SEO) should be employed to maximize page views. Each of these keys is discussed below.


Timeliness means that your article concerns issues that are currently being widely discussed. Sometimes this means that those issues are in the news, but all that really matters is that its something that people want to know more about. Remember, people will only read your article if it addresses a subject that they already care about! One way to find out what issues are timely is to check the trending topics on social networking sites. Another good strategy is to check the referrals for your website. If there has been an increase in searches for a particular keyword, you may be able to increase traffic by posting an article related to that keyword. The most important way to guarantee timeliness is to know your subject matter. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to be able to anticipate new trends and to identify what is important.


Adding value means contributing something that readers can’t find elsewhere. This might mean providing your own in-depth analysis, but it can also mean adding your own unique spin to someone else’s analysis or even just aggregating content that wouldn’t otherwise be found together. Never post an article unless you know for sure what value it adds! Adding value is important for two reasons. In the first place, if you consistently add value with your articles then potential readers will come to expect that visiting your site will be worthwhile and this will increase traffic. The other reason adding value matters is that it will motivate other sites to link to your site. This will increase your traffic directly when those links are followed, but more importantly it will increase your article’s importance in the eyes of search engines, meaning that when people search for a related topic they’re more likely to get your article near the top of their results.


This brings us to Search Engine Optimization, usually abbreviated SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of configuring your article so that will be more likely to be found by a search engine. One simple way to do this is to divide the article into several pages — each time a reader advances to the next page this will count as a new hit for your article causing search engines to rank it more highly. Another good way to optimize your article is to make use of tags, and to be sure that the tags you use are commonly searched for by people interested in the subject of your article. Also important is to embed well known words phrases related to the subject in the article. For example, if you were writing about political corruption it would be a good idea to include the names of famous scandals or infamous politicians. Lastly and most importantly, the most effective way to approach search engine optimization is through your article’s title. This will be the most immediate information available to web searches, with the result that a title which clearly identifies the article’s subject and incorporates trending keywords will be most effective in generating traffic.

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