Earn Money From Home At Your Home Or Residence
The mentality that people hold in their minds that to be financially stable you have to have a fixed job within the time framework is wrong. However people don’t know what they are capable of doing if they utilize the resources they already have. Below are some ideas that can help you in earning the extra coins.

Some people find it hard to work for some people. They choose to earn a living from their residential area. At home there are soma possibilities which a person can pursue. If you are good at hand jobs e.g., craft work, sewing dresses, dolls, toys or men who can do technical work e.g. metal work, machinery, wood work etc; can transform their skills to money. Also you can choose to sell, make-ups ,jewellary etc. basically working from home calls you to transform talents and hobbies to earn money.

Renting driveways and your garage. If you stay around a place full of activities e.g. (a stadium, station, university etc) you are sitting on a gold mine. Making money through renting your parking space at your residential area is an idea. People will pay a good deal if money for parking it there. If people who seek the parking space are many your parking place will be a gold mine. Several clients can park there which will accumulate to a some amount of income. Websites have been engineered for people who want to rent out their parking space. Though it looks like a silly idea, people actually make good money out of it. The only thing you have to do is to wait for parkers who are desperately in need

Writing reports and blogs. If you can write reports and blogs well, you are able to make some money on the side. Internet based companies employ people to write reports on their behalf to post to their websites, blogs and social sites. They give you a trial period after which they examine your work. They see if it is up to standard. If they are satisfied they give you the responsibility to write reports and blogs. This is a common method where people use to earn that side hustle. It is profitable since you don’t incur the cost of transport e.g.(railway ticket, cab fee, fuel cost etc)


Greenhouses are a good method of earning money. Successful greenhouses can earn money enough to see you through your daily activities. Growing tomatoes, mushrooms, grapes, apples etc and selling to the retailers (malls, stores etc) will earn you a good deal of money. The only thing is to have space to set up your greenhouse and farm inputs.

Selling over the internet

You can sell allot of stuff through the internet several people make good money out of it. This becomes their stable day job. While others others sell what is not so necessary to them e.g. old toys, books, DVD’s, CD’s. By selling what you don’t use can earn you some few coins. With your computer and an internet connection you can make money by a click of the mouse.