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SaveOnBrew Reports Super Sunday Caps America’s 50 Million Case Beer Binge

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 03, 2013

Super Sunday marks an end to the biggest beer drinking holiday for the nation, reports internet beer experts SaveOnBrew.Com.

“Super bowl has always been a time when America sort of let’s go,” said Mark Davidson, one of the site founders. “Nielsen data shows that in the run-up to the big game, American will down about 50 million cases of beer, the equivalent of about three percent of the total of all beer consumed for the year.”

The site, billed as “the only beer price search engine on the planet”, created an infographic that humorously details the “beer cycle of life” visualizing the impact of all that beer going down.

“It’s pretty hard to visualize fifty million cases of beer, so we sat down with a creative team and came up with ways to really make that number hit home,” said Davidson.

The infographic visually describes facts for each section of the “beer cycle of life” showing that with the money the nation spends on beer, about 360 million gallons of gas could have been purchased and illustrates that in order to “get rid” of all of the beer will take about 1.4 billion trips to the bathroom.

The entire infographic can be viewed on the companies web site, SaveOnBrew.Com.

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Founded in 2010 to help thirsty beer drinkers across the United States find the lowest advertised prices for one of the world?s most popular beverages.

Broadband Expert Study Expects U.S. Consumers Could Save Up to $396 Million by Switching Internet Providers in 2012

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 11, 2012

Miami-based Broadband Expert is projecting it will save consumers at least $ 15 Million per year by switching internet service providers. However, a Broadband Expert survey of U.S. broadband usage concludes that a typical American family could easily save $ 60 a year on broadband usage and if just 10% of the US population were to switch the potential savings would rise to $ 396M per year. Rob Webber, CEO of Broadband Expert, says this is based on a Broadband Expert study of U.S. Broadband rates and services. Webber adds, “Broadband Expert estimates at least that 250,000 consumers will use its service to switch internet, TV and phone services in 2012.”

Broadband Expert allows consumers to check the availability of cable, satellite and Internet providers in their area, compare prices and read reviews by other consumers. Webber says, ?This allows the consumer to make a more informed purchase and save money where there is a choice between a number of different providers.? The typical consumer spends countless hours researching consumer electronics? specs and details but spent little to no time researching broadband services.

“The majority of the electronic devices found at the CES show require Broadband service to function, hence it is vital to make sure that you have the best broadband service available in your area,” said Webber. Broadband Expert provides this service free of charge to consumers but earns a fee from service providers when a consumer signs up to a new service.

Whilst not all US consumers have the choice between more than one internet provider Webber says the potential savings for consumers are huge. With an estimated 66 million households* with a broadband connection and a typical 2.5Mbs ? 15Mbps broadband connection costing $ 38.11 per month according to the OECD?s latest report if even 10% of those households were to switch to a cheaper provider saving $ 5 per month this represents a saving of $ 396 million dollars per year.

Webber explains that he sees switching becoming a growing market as he predicts the number of services available to consumers is likely to increase. Webber says that, ?the amount of choice between providers, and in some cases there is none, differs dependent on where you live. Ultimately choice and competition between providers is healthy for the consumer and as this increases, as we predict it will, Broadband Expert will be well positioned to help consumers switch providers and save money?.

Broadband Expert Survey

Broadband Expert is launching a consumer survey to allow American consumers to rate their current service providers as well as the importance of having an apples-to-apples comparison site of different plans. Webber adds that Broadband Expert will also give-away 12-months of free service as an incentive to take the survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/broadbandexpert.

About Broadband Expert


Broadband Expert is part of RichWeb Media LLC, a privately owned company specializing in consumer advice and price comparison websites. Broadband Expert is independent of all internet providers and mobile broadband providers and aims to give a no nonsense guide to choosing the right service for your internet needs at the lowest price. At Broadband Expert, we research internet providers and mobile broadband providers to help you see the true cost including any hidden extras. We provide consumers with tools to check availability in their area and compare internet providers by download limits, speeds, set up fee, first year cost and minimum contract.

Follow us on Twitter: @BroadbandExpUS

66M US households have a broadband connection based on PEW Internets? estimation that 60% of US adults have a broadband connection at home and a conservative estimate of 110M US households.


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